2 October 2005


I just discovered your website and I think it's terrific. It's good to have your voice out there. Also, I think your art is very expressive far better than most of your peers.

Best of luck.

Stuart in Boston

I transmitted your pleasant words to Mr. Kreider about his work. He is a disconsolate man so always it is pleasant that he hears the compliments of his admirers. He is appreciated particularly when no matter who notes how much better his drawing is than his peers'. He works very hard on top, I can say to you, and for the very small reward. Thank you thus still, and the best wishes with you.

3 October 2005

You are, Mr. Kreider, undoubtedly, the best looking cartoonist in America today.

Keep up the good work


Ann Arbour, MI

[Photo attached]


5 October 2005

Dear Tim,

Found an article you might be interested in...


I thought that this was immensely surprising, but simultaneously rather encouraging: traditionally the most hard-line and fiercely uncompromising group of Christians actually RECOGNISING the changing times and ACTUALLY, SERIOUSLY saying that blind belief in and interpretation of The Bible is not really viable or recommended...

Unbelievable. Why I wonder what all those 'mean' Christians who done love The Jesus will respond to this? Probably decry them as heretics and pray nightly for their endless suffering - in a suitably passive-aggressive fashion, of course!

I think the discovery of that Giant Squid is having a more profound effect on Humanity that we can all POSSIBLY imagine. Absolutely ADORE The Pain. It is now my Absolutely required antidote to overcome feelings of outright despondency at how fucked this world is. [Well, just America, actually. Thank fuck I don't have to LIVE there, eh?] Indeed, I recently mentioned to Eric Reynolds at Fantagraphics that your work has more than a little of Bill Hicks in it. In fact, I said there's great mileage in the notion of you being his spiritual successor.

Ah, and now you're wondering how I know Eric? Good question. Well, I am a journalist, see. Film and Comics the specialties. I write for EMPIRE, VARIETY, SFX and BBC Online. Indeed, I have been trying to promote your two books on these shores for a while now. Whatever, I spread the word about The Pain to everyone I can.

Anyway - keep up the excellent work. We need more voices like yours.


Danny G.

Danny G.:
What most interests me about this article is that the Bible does, in fact, very clearly provide a mandate for one group of people--namely, the Jews--to regard themselves as superior to all others, and explicitly sanctions violence against others. As in, Yaweh literally orders the Hebrews to go forth into Canaan or wherever and kill everybody there and rape their women and enslave their children and take all their land. This is not ambiguous. Still, it is nice to see the Catholics taking a belated stand for the Enlightenment at this late date.
It does seems that the appearance of the giant squid at this historical moment may be a sign, auguring great changes in the world. The same day they revealed themselves Tom Delay was indicted. Now Karl Rove is being summoned to testify in the Valerie Plame case again, and Bush is under fire by conservatives over his second Supreme Court Nominee. It remains to be seen where the squid's true loyalties lie and what their true agenda may be, but for the moment I am willing to take this as a case of the-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend.
Tim Kreider

21 October 20005

As we know, a common motif in the works of Mr. Tim Kreider involves depicting his close male friends and acquaintances engaging in sexual intercourse. A close examination of this weeks cartoon reveals a subconscious desire, one that clearly indicates Mr. Kreider's sexual orientation may not be that what he ostensibly believes. Please notify that Mr. Kreider that his inability to form rewarding relationships with the opposite sex is most likely a result of his latent homosexuality. So it is the opinion of this reader. Please refer to the attached panel from this week's cartoon and the highlighted phallic "oyster" gleefully entering his buddy's gaping jowls. Them's balls.


Mr. R.

P.S. (To Tim) I'm just fucking with you, you queer.

Jason R.:
Alas, the heterosexuality of Mr. Kreider's is among the most virulent ever met. It is in my opinion a distraction in his art as well as a constant hazard in the workplace. It seems to give him pleasure to draw naked hairy Boyd but it is for humoristical goals only, I assure you. Further it is of Mr. Kreider's opinion that his oyster does not resemble a penis or testicles and suggests that you project this.
It is well known that if he (Mr. Kreider) were to become homosexual he would consumate his new identity not with Boyd but with his colleague the beautiful Galen.

25 October 20005

I've been trying to find the comic you wrote about george bush basically going ape-shit while watching spiderman. Maybe i'm retarded, maybe i hate reading, but I wasn't able to find it. Was this published in the pain...when will it end, was it up on the internet, or was this actually a really sweet dream i had and attributed it to you?

Also, big ups on the comic series itself, this keeps me alive when i'm at work, wishing for death.


The cartoon that you wish to view is entitled "Moral Clarity" and is posted in the archives (5/15/02). Mr. Kreider is happy of knowing that you remember this drawing tenderly because it is among his less-known efforts and was always a favourite with him. He tested taking on again the topic of the Spider-Man in a recent drawing with George the idiot asking Mr. Cheney to name the Spider-Man to the supreme court, but at the end the drawing was alas rather nonfunny for the rigorous standards and mood of Mr. Kreider's.
I pray that death finds you quickly and peacefully at your place of work.