Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?

Updated 12/31/08


Artist's Statement

Kind of a Golden Age Tim Kreider cartoon here, like something I might've drawn ten years ago. (A decade's worth of these cartoons are collected in my first book.)

With my political cartoons, I can often write an accompanying essay that goes off on a tangential theme without explicating the cartoon in a reductive way that does a disservice to the art, but in the case of a drawing like this I think I'd better revert to my old policy of saying as little as possible about its intent or meaning. I remember grabbing a piece of paper and hastily doodling it in a hilarious little fit of inspiration at my girlfriend Ellen's apartment while we were in the middle of a conversation, though I can no longer remember what we were talking about that might've prompted such an image.

This is certainly not what I was thinking of when I drew it, but what comes to mind for me when I look at this cartoon now (which is, of course, no more valid that whatever may come to your mind when you look at it) is that this is what my passion for cartooning has turned into.

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