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Updated 4/07/04

Artist's Statement

This is my second lameass cartoon in a row and I apologize. I've had a complicated couple of weeks. As The Dude says, there are a lot of different facets and angles going on here. There's levels, man. You know, ups and down, strikes and gutterballs. On Friday morning I still had no ideas and just started frantically doodling, and finally came up with this mean, pinched rendition of George "The Poor Little President Monkey-Boy" Bush's face, and tried to develop a cartoon outward from that, with what I would have to call limited success. I am indebeted, not for the first time, to friend and colleague Megan Kelso for the only part of this cartoon that is even slightly funny, the last word balloon. It was she who usefully reminded me of a conversation I had last summer with Jim Fisher as we were drinking Pabsts in the Adirondack chairs at my house, overlooking the Bay:

"You know Condoleeza Rice?" he asked me. "The President's advisor?" He seemed unusually thoughtful and serious.
"Yeah," I said.
"I don't think she's very clean," he said.
"Clean?" I said. "What do you mean, clean? You know she's black, right?"
"No, no," he said, "I'm not talking about that. I just think she's dirty."
I still wasn't quite getting this. "You mean, like morally unclean?"
"No, I just think that she spends so much time thinking up the lies that she doesn't have time to shower every day or do her laundry. I think she's a dirty lady. I think she's the kind of woman who'll throw on a three-day-old bra."
This is why, in spite of the trouble it sometimes occasions me, I treasure my friendship with Jim.

In reality, I am sure, Dr. Rice will obligingly protect her fuckup halfwit boss and present a solid propaganda front for the administration. And I'm sure Mister Cheney will carefully coach George through his scheduled hour of "testimony." More importantly, even if the President just comes out and admits that he invaded Iraq for no reason other than because Saddam tried to kill his daddy, or because Mister Cheney told him to--shit, even if he were videotaped laughing after drunkenly running over a retarded child--his approval ratings will hold and he'll be re-elected in November. Do not underestimate the electorate: this is a country of ignorant, bigoted hicks who think George Bush is one of them. We are all fucked.

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