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Updated 2/18/04

Artist's Statement

This is the first of about six months' worth of cartoon ideas that my friends and I came up with during one of our productive brainstorming sessions in the bars of New York last weekend. This one evolved out of the concept of the "one-year stand"--that syndrome in which women in their late twenties or early thirties, spazzing out with lust for babies (compared to which the irrationality of male sexual lust is as icy Vulcan logical clarity), immediately marry the first adult male who comes to hand and have him impregnate them only to realize, once they have their baby, that they have nothing in common with this person and must divorce him at once. Perhaps this is only wishful thinking, but I'm imagining that quite a lot of swing voters are now shuddering with revulsion as they wake up in the hideous, hideous morning-after light from their four-year stand with this creep who came on all compassionate and responsible, "a uniter, not a divider," etc., etc., only to turn into a fascist weasel in the sack. Beyond that I will say only that I worked unexpectedly hard on the drawing of this woman's face, which kept coming out wrong. It was much more difficult and delicate than you might think to capture eactly that combination of self-disgust and loathing in her eyes.

This is not strictly relevant to the artist's statement, but I want everyone in the entire world to know that yesterday I fired a Thompson machine gun. You think that was not fun? You are mistaken.

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