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Updated 8/10/07

I arrived to New York yesterday afternoon. I write this of the apartment in Brooklyn of Mrs. Megan Kelso, one artist whose work I admired a long time and who has much
influenced me. We spoke on the telephone often when she and Mr. Kreider called one another but not ever joined together at the flesh. It is to thank Mrs. Megan Kelso for the hospitality and the mattress of the air and for the coffee. She is much occupied with the story of Nixon and pregnancy she writes for the New York Times and with an infantile girl, thus she is to be appreciated to save of her valid time for me.

In her narrow apartment while we spoke many servants come--guards of children and a woman of cleaning and an ineffective young intern in the hat of the imbecile. Her girl is one pleasure, smiling and creeping about the apartment and seizing of the objects in her extension with joy, and her husband seems tolerating of strangeness. There is moreover an extremely large cat which is phlegmatic. Always with cartoonists this seems, there is the cat.

According to Mrs. Kelso Mr. Kreider was in New York for a certain period, sub-leasing an apartment in the east village of Manhattan. It said a sad tale of the behavior pitiful and unsuitable. Mr. Kreider cried in a public park and Mrs. Kelso attempted to relieve him, so that the passer-by supposed she must be the cause of his anguish, a misunderstanding which is tedious with the stoicism. (She says that years ago when it was she who cried and he who relieved all supposed that it was him who caused her anguish, thus all is equal.) They have eaten the greasy American lunches and took many the carefree stroll together and spoke lengthily of the dishonour and the exile of Nixon, and she fears that his identification with the old one in the chair has become unhealthful. Mr. Kreider found a yellow rubber spider on the ground which seems to provide some strange consolation for him. They ate pie in crust in a living room of the bar. She recommended him to start to draw by his not-dominant hand as means of erasing his old hated personality and to allow his small interior sister to shine. If he is to apply this counsel, it remained little clear.

Mrs. Kelso says that Mr. Kreider was dubious with the future, and could not decide where to go for any length of time, but spoke at one time about a stay in Maine to look at the meteors of Perseus pour with his old friend the famous transsexual Jennifer. The almanac brings that the Perseids are with their greatest size currently. Thus it is towards Maine that I travel soon. However, Mrs. Kelso knew for the fact Mr. Kreider had returned to visit his friend James the Large in New Haven, thus it is there that I go today.


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