Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 7/11/07

Artist's Statement

Mr. Kreider here scoffs at the caption contest of The New Yorker. (He refers you to his artistís comment of 3 May 2006 for his account of his own visit to the offices of this august magazine and the opinion of S. Gross on the hated contest.) We await with interest the captions of the readers. A prize will be offered to the winner but is not still specified. Faithful readers will identify the illustration as an old woman of Mr. Kreider's from his first collection, The Pain--When Will It End? (where readers can see the original caption and dialogue). He re-uses it this week because it has never been published in the City Paper, the major part of his Web site readers will be not very familiar with it, and he is still unable to work.

It is to be hoped that Mr. Kreider will return to his functions the next week, but by no means certain.


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