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Updated 1/17/07

Artist's Statement

Yesterday I experienced a Martin Luther King Day miracle. As always, I had put off drawing my cartoon until the weekend, and unfortunately the terrible beer-pounding machine that is my friend Chris was visiting town. So Sunday afternoon found me hung over and exhausted, feebly trying to draw a cartoon about Invisible Saddam in a German beer hall while drinking Kölsch and eating cold cuts and cheese. But then suddenly, in the manila folder of half-finished drawings I had with me, I happened across a penciled-in sketch for a Martin Luther King Day cartoon I'd drawn last year and then completely forgotten about. It was even pretty funny. All I had to do was ink it in! A rare instance of Past Tim doing a favor for Present Tim instead of heedlessly fucking Present Tim over. Thank you, Martin Luther King! Also for the civil rights.

Next week: Invisible Saddam!

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