Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 8/24/05

Artist's Statement

This cartoon is a little behind the news cycle--Cindy Sheehan had to go home last week because of an illness in her family. But the premise seemed worth following through on. Thanks for this idea to my esteemed colleague Megan. Her own personal Cindy Sheehan is currently Dirk Deppey, editor of The Comics Journal, to whom she owes an article and who she pictures standing outside her apartment, looking at his watch and tapping his foot. Thanks also to Jim and Chris for their inspired suggestions. All grudges depicted in this cartoon are based on actual grudges, though we at The Pain neither necessarily endorse them nor vouch for their legitimacy. The W______s dispute, in particular, is a matter that for legal reasons I am not presently at liberty to discuss. Fuckin' W______s, man.


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