Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 6/15/05

Artist's Statement

This cartoon has nothing to do with Trinidad or Tobago or anything else, really. It emerged from a hilarious conversation at the neighbors' pool Sunday morning after my release party, where my friends Dave and Chris and Tom and Jenny and Isabelle were all floating around horribly hung over. Jenny mentioned having seen Captain Britannia in Britain and realizing that there were counterparts to Captain America in other nations, and then of course we got off on this whole jag imagining the pathetic heroes o lesser-known nations like Captain Guam and Tonga Boy. I think it was Tom who decided that the Trinidad and Tobago Twins' superpower would be their incredible idolence and refusal ever to work. It only made sense that their nemesis would be Captain America, with his hardassed Puritan work ethic, always trying to get those loafers to buckle down and fly right, put their noses to the grindstone, etc. It is, as always, possible that the finished cartoon will be funny only to the people who happened to be at the pool Sunday morning, but this is pretty much my core fan base anyway. I hope it is clear (which usually means it's not) that these two guys are my heroes. I myself hate work because it is boring and hard and have avoided having any kind of job for the last twelve years. To Victory!


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