Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 6/01/05

Artist's Statement

Last week my friend Jenny wrote me: "Your work seems to have taken an interesting turn this spring; you seem to have picked yourself off the floor and are now Back In the Game. I think this is good news for all of us." This week's cartoon is an homage to those comic book covers with Superman and Batman and the Flash lined up on one side and Brainiac and the Joker and Captain Cold on the other, rushing toward each other about to collide in a super-powered melee. It also doubles as the invitation to events surrounding the release of my second book, Why Do They Kill Me?, or, Scream, Honky, Scream: A Chronicle of the Era of Darkness, 2000-2004. This Friday night, June 3rd, at 7:30, I will give a slideshow/talk and sign copies of the book at Atomic Books , 1100 West 36th Street, in Baltimore. Afterwards we will adjourn to a performance by National Razor, a punk band including Webmaster Dave, at The Sidebar, 218 East Lexington Street. Coupons for one complimentary National Bohemian at the Sidebar will be provided to attendees at the reading [editor's note: this is still in negotiations]. The next day, Saturday the fourth, at three in the afternoon, I will host the official book release party up here in Cecil County at the Rendezvous Inn at 362 Front Street in Perryville, Maryland (not to be confused with the estimable Rendezvous Lounge in Baltimore). Crabs and beer will be served. Neither dogs nor children are welcome. A good time is guaranteed for all.


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