Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 1/12/05

Artist's Statement

I can offer no explanation for this cartoon. I have suffered from a perverse sympathy for Richard Nixon ever since I watched his resignation speech in 1974, a sympathy that probably goes to the very roots of my deepest personality disorders. This drawing emerges at this time for purely personal reasons best not detailed in this artist's statement. All I can tell you is the only alternative was something called "The Sorrows of Pluto," which trust me would've broken your fucking hearts and probably called my emotional health into serious question. I just couldn't seem to engage wiith any topical issues this week. For one thing I spent three days riding the train from Washington D.C. to Seattle, Washington, and the gentle rocking of the train, the constant meals, and the unbelievably dull frozen desolation of North Dakota sliding by for what seemed like seventeen solid hours had a certain stupefying effect. But also the tsunami turns out to be a poor subject for satire. I feel burned out on the Republicans; they rule the country, they're going to ruin it, nothing else to say. Pretty much the best things in the news this week were the arrest of Edgar Ray Killeen for the murder of those cvil rights workers in Mississippi back in the '60s--we can only hope they hang him from the neck until dead--and a spokeswoman for some organization of Concerned Woman saying that the morning-after pill "is a pedophile's best friend" and is for "men who treat women like sex machines." (I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess her dad wasn't the greatest.) So anyway please excuse the weird Nixon cartoon. I promise we'll be back on track next week.

By the way: as I mentioned, I am now in Seattle, so if I have any fans out here maybe you should offer to take me out for a beer or show me around or something.


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