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Updated 5/05/04

Artist's Statement

This scenario was conceived by a bunch of people who'd all called in sick to work on a rainy Monday afternoon and were lying around on my floor listening to jazz, reading comics and lesbian porn, and drinking beer. That's our old friend Boyd in the cell with George. This, we have no doubt, is exactly what Boyd would say in this situation. Thanks to all who contributed to the dialogue, especially webmaster Dave, who supplied the masterstrokes about both the "Oval Office" and the "Vice-President."

A stupid cartoon, obviously, whose premise is relevant to no real political situation. Mere wishful thinking. Sorry. But I had to take a train up to New York for a book signing on Thursday, which short-circuited my usual creative process, in which Thursday is traditionally entirely devoted to feeling anxious and guilty about not working on the cartoon, and Friday to frantic drawing. So I had to go with the best idea I had at the time, which, believe it or not, was this one.

Anyone who was not lying on my living room floor drinking beer last Monday and is not Boyd, should let me know if they find this funny. Do not let me know if you don't.

Book Release Party Announcement

The official book release party for The Pain--When Will It End? will be held from 9 until midnight on Saturday, May 29th at Little Havana, 1325 Key Highway, in south Baltimore. Copies of the book will be available at a discount and Tim Kreider will be there to sign them. Many of Tim's friends on whom his characters are based will be there, drinking heavily and behaving in ways that will be uncannily familiar to regular readers of the comic. George and Mister Cheney have been invited but are not guaranteed to attend.

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