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Updated 4/14/04

Artist's Statement

Well, I feel like The Kid is back in form this week. I'd been in a bit of a slump lately (though several of you were kind enough to write in and let me know you liked the last two weeks' cartoons) and it seemed like time to screw topical cartoons about the 9/11 hearings and do something silly and stupid. This one, based on some notes made during an afternoon's consultation with my humor advisors at McSorley's Saloon, was just the thing. I remember the hilarity when we decided that the president's sexual technique would be appallingly expert and assured--as Dave Israel said, "the man's got his finger on the button."

I got stuck on the name for this operation (past operations have included Operation: Sauce the Boss and Operation: Bust the Nut) and racked not only my own brain but the less pickled brains of several friends trying to think of somerthing apt and snappy. Operation: Male to the Chief was the best contender for a while, to give you an idea of how we were doing. The man who finally came through for me, effortlessly, was lead singer, bass player, and lyricist for the band National Razor, Erik Sunday, over an all-repulsive lunch of jellyfish, snails, and deep-fried frog in Chinatown. "Head of State"--like all masterstrokes, obvious in retrospect.

Yes that is Teddy Roosevelt in the thought balloon. I thought that at the very least it would be necessary to fantasize about a better president to get through the ordeal.

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