Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 1/07/04

Artist's Statement

This week's cartoon, if I do say so myself, sucks major ass. The deal is I had a lot going on over the holidays--finishing my book by the January 1 deadline, hunting for an apartment in New York, entertaining old friends and ex-girlfriends and the usual cartoon groupies in from out of town, all of which required extremely heavy and near-continuous drinking, not to mention the motherfucking holidays. So this cartoon was, even more than usual, a collaborative effort: the premise was conceived by Dave Israel to fulfill my requirement of a cartoon that would involve little or no time-consuming drawing, and the individual gags were brainstormed by Allison Smith, John Patton, Jim Fisher, Sarah Smith, Sondra Guttman, Dave Dudley, Dave Israel, and myself, while eating Carolina pulled pork in Newark, Delaware, driving down I-95, and eating sushi and crabcakes and drinking massive 32-oz. beers at Nick's Seafood counter in the Cross Street Market in Baltimore. So thanks to everyone. This week I have to move to New York, but hopefully I will find the time to come up with something that isn't utterly lame for next week's cartoon. I might even manage to get a little drawing in.


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