Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 12/03/03

Artist's Statement

Thanks this week to Chris and John Patton, who were in the car with me when we all came up with this idea on the ride down to Baltimore. Thanks to Dave Dudley for filling me in on current developments on the TV show Survivor. And, lastly, thanks to Megan Kelso for reminding me of a useful but long-neglected item in my vocabulary. I was trying to explain to her that my sexual self-image, like most people's, was formed in early adolescence when self-esteem is at a (usually justified) all-time low, and that no matter how handsome or charming I may have become since then some part of me will always see myself as a pale, spindly--"Dorkwad," she supplied, without hesitation.

How I long for our American liberators. When will the Americans come? Why do they ignore our pleas for justice? We thought the Americans believed in freedom and democracy. But perhaps these are lies. Perhaps the Americans no longer believe in the things they once did. Maybe there are no more Americans. Maybe we have to hope the aliens will step in instead. If they ever do--if anyone else ever brings down this hateful administration--I will indeed dance in the streets. That is in fact my actual dance depicted in panel 1, a dance that has been described as both "life-affirming" and "muppetlike." Yes: dorkwad.


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