Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 11/26/03

Artist's Statement

Okay you know what we're calling the whole waminalz thing now? A misstep. "The regrettable waminalz misstep," we say. The waminalz misstep occurred because I got burned out on politics; things have just been monotonously, unrelentingly grim lately, and what with a few Americans dying every day in Iraq I've been having a hard time finding the funny side. Various friends suggested that I might need a break from the political stuff and should do something silly and stupid again to recharge the creative batteries. But don't misunderstand me; I'm not trying to foist blame on anyone other than myself. I take full responsibility for the tragic waminalz misstep. Now let us not speak of the waminalz again.

This week I feel we are back on familiar and comfortable ground. This cartoon is based entirely on a conversation I had with big Jim while we were driving around doing errands last week. We were talking about whether, if we were women--though it was a given we would both be slutty--there was any type of man we would not sleep with. Neither of us likes moustaches much. Not crazy about ball caps, either. "But you'd sleep with me, right?" Jim asked. It seemed to call for a diplomatic answer. "No, I'd be afraid your big tool would hurt me," I said. "Yeah," he said, "and I'd be afraid I'd fall in love with you." We both laughed hard.

Q & A interview format respectfully stolen from Alex Robinson, who used to pose such questions to his cast of characters in his comic book Box Office Poison and then draw them giving their answers.


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