Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 11/19/03

Artist's Statement

Some weeks you just don't come up with anything. This was one of them. I was on a tear all summer but these days I seem to be in a slump. In the end I dug into my "cartoon fodder" file and pulled out a doodle for "waminalz," which I've been thinking of re-drawing as a cartoon for a while. Mostly I was looking foward to turning in my cartoon and getting on a train to New York, where I baked a flourless chocolate decadence for my friend Myla, who's two weeks away from giving birth, and did a bunch of boring but easy computer work for my friend and colleague Megan, whose hand is sore and needs to be spared for serious drawing. I promise I'll try to hawk another loogie of Truth into the face of The Man next week.

Fuckin' waminalz. Jesus Christ.


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