Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 07/23/03

Artist's Statement

Just some wishful thinking. A little cartoon voodoo. We'll see if it has any ill effect on the administration. It was heartening to see the outrage about the "misleading" evidence for the war in Iraq (I wish someone would just say "lies") finally creep across the Atlantic to Washington. The President claims to have "moved on" from this scandal, but it doesn't seem like anyone else has yet. Tenet claims someone in the administration pressured him to include the dubious uranium story, so who knows? maybe someone else will have to take the hit for this. I was asked in an interview recently how I thought this administration would end, and I recalled something Hunter Thompson wrote about the fall of the Nixon regime; it didn't so much crumble as disintegrate, he said, "like some flimsy and long-abandoned gazebo blasted to splinters by chain lightning." Even though the Bush regime is even more fanatically authoritarian and secretive than Nixon's, by all accounts brutally enforcing their code of omerta, it may yet prove not to have been as monolithic or invincible as it seemed. Once it starts looking like you might go to jail, ratting Dick Cheney out to the press or a congressional inquiry or the grand jury no longer seems so unthinkable. But then, as I said, this is all wishful thinking. Unfortunately I don't really imagine we'll get to see George and Mister Cheney hustled into the backs of police cars with their jackets over their heads. Megan Kelso once complained to me that her early memories of Nixon's downfall conditioned her to believe, inaccurately, that bad people always get their comeuppance in the end. No doubt Bush and his owners will contrive to engineer another war in time for the next election and continue dismantling democracy and fucking us all over and stuffing their mattresses with what was supposed to have been America's future for another four years, all to high approval numbers.