Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 06/11/03

Artist's Statement

Originally this was not going to be a political cartoon; it was going to depict the two options I was considering for my evening's entertainment one night last week, but in the end the first one seemed too sordid and sad and personally revealing to use. Long-time readers of this cartoon will enjoy attempting to imagine for themselves what would have to have been too personally revealing for me to use. (Not to mention what could possibly be any sadder or more sordid than watching the entire cheesy and incomprehensible Children of Dune miniseries on DVD under the influence of illicit medication while eating Jiffy Pop popcorn, which is, in the end, what I opted to do. Believe me, it was the wiser choice.) So in the end we turned our private trials and sufferings into yet another piece of hard-hitting political commentary, a fairly lameassed resort partially redeemed, I think, by the inclusion of "Jesus Christ screaming in Hell," currently my favorite curse.

Not next week, but the week after that, we will present what may well prove to be the funniest cartoon ever conceived of by the mind of man.