Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 12/11/02

Artist's Statement

I ranted a little about the ridiculousness and obscenity of Henry Kissinger being appointed head of the investigation into intelligence failures leading up to 9/11. I guess he'd be one of our leading experts on intelligence failures, having kept the Vietnam War going for several years longer (and several thousand American casualties more) than was necessary for political reasons. Oh plus then remember that the whole war turned out to have been fought for no real reason.

At first I thought the Kenneth Lay nomination was too obvious a joke, but then yesterday I heard that Bush actually did name a C.E.O. who'd been forced to resign in an accounting scandal as one of his new economic advisors. Cartoonists just can't keep up with this guy.

Additional notes: "Merkwuerdigichliebe" was Dr. Strangelove's name before he Americanized it. And it's always a pleasure to take another cruel shot at Ronald Reagan. It used to drive me crazy that he just kept not dying, but now I've come to enjoy the thought of his ongoing suffering and humiliation. May he live to be a hundred in his own feces!