Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 11/20/02

Artist's Statement

Not much humorous to say about this one. I dashed it off just in time to make the first deadline after the election. No way around it, that election was a downer. It's become harder to blame the blackening political skies exclusively on the dumb criminal arrogance of the Bush administration; the time may have come to reluctnatly concede that most Americans are just so stupid they'll reliably vote for whoever spends more money on TV propaganda. That said, though, I have to admit the Democrats deserved to lose. Although my own Senators (Sarbanes and Miukulski) are pretty progressive and were both vocal opponents of the invasiaon of Iraq, the Democratic Party hasn't really stood for anything at all in decades, not since America's labor force was shopped out to Mexico and Reagan/Bush made it okay to hate coloreds again. Their craven support of Bush's Iraq resolution was their official announcement of death. The best thing they can do now is for their last withered remnants to die off quickly and make way for some new party that does stand for something. In the meantime I think we can safely count on the Republicans to behave so vilely--giving themselves and their corporations a few hundred billion dollars in tax breaks at our expense and sending a couple thousand expendable working-class kids to get killed in the Gulf for oil profits--that finally even the American people might notice. Or maybe it'll take al Qaeda mustard-gassing the fucking Superbowl before anyone in the national press corps politely raises a hand and asks hey whatever happened to that Osama guy anyway.

Sorry, everyone. Some weeks it's harder than others to find the funny side of things.