Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 9/11/02

Artist's Statement

I remember driving around on September 11th of last year, dazedly thinking, "How can I do a cartoon about this? But how can I not? No. There is no way this can be funny." The next day my friend Aaron Long called me with the idea for this cartoon. I told him that it was hilarious but there was no way I could run it. (Regular readers may remember that the publisher of the City Paper postponed the more patriotic "New Design for the World Trade Centers" cartoon a week out of sensitivity to timing. ) A year seemed like long enough to wait, and the media coverage is likely to be relentless, maudlin, and tacky enough to make a single innocent snicker on The Solemn Day a welcome relief. I was as upset as anyone I know about the terrorist attack, but when Aaron relayed this idea to me I laughed with relief and joy. Some of my feelings about the events of 9/11 can be seen in an essay in this week's City Paper. As for this Wednesday, I plan to be in New York City, with friends.