Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 8/07/02

Artist's Statement

There are moments in life when laziness and genius coincide, and one of them occurred this Sunday during brunch at Little Havana, a Cuban restaurant/bar on the Inner Harbor. I supplied the laziness, Dave Israel the genius, and Jen, our friend and waitress, the fourteen pitchers of mimosas that acted as the catalyst. This is the result.

In case the labels on the characters are not legible onscreen, I will supply them here:

      Panel 1
      No labels

      Panel 2
      Scientist: C.E.O.s
      Hunchback: Government
      Monkey: Employees

      Panel 3
      Scientist: Israel
      Hunchback: The U.N.
      Monkey: Palestine
     (Footnote: Switch labels on scientist and monkey according to political bias)

      Panel 4
      Scientist: The Man
      Hunchback: Society
      Monkey: You