Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 7/17/02

Artist's Statement

After I'd already submitted the cartoon of two weeks ago ("Ashcroft") I realized that this would make an even better cartoon on the same theme, one more likely to cause John Aschcroft himself consternation and chagrin and perhaps even cause him to demand an apology. Ideally, I would have followed up that cartoon with this one, to keep mercilessly hammering at the fucker two weeks in a row, but instead I had my Fourth of July party and got so horribly hung over that it was not possible even to finish this drawing (see last week's statement for feeble excuses). So I ended up hastily finishing it this afternoon in a bar in Port Deposit while my friend Jim and our barmaid Danielle peered over my shoulder and reminded me, once in a while, to have a sip of my beer.

Think about it: why else would Ashcroft have ordered that statue draped unless, somewhere in his twisted, stunted, vestigial little libido, he were secretly titillated by it? For that matter, why do you think the Taliban ordered their women to cover themselves with burkas head to foot if not because they themselves were so weak and lustful? Thank God we here in America live in a time and place where our women can freely roam the streets in belly shirts and low rider jeans, with their bare midriffs and the clefts of their asses flagrantly displayed. Let the naked titty of justice shine on, my brothers! Yais, yais! How I luvs jigglin' dem monster jugs!