Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 5/08/02
w/Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

This cartoon may seem like a non sequitur, but I really do have a friend who is both a Buddhist and a cop. Given the premise, the cartoon pretty much draws itself. If I were to give any advice to young cartoonists, not that they'd ask me, it would be: don't worry about buying Sharpies and brushes and bristol board or studying anatomy or lettering or Eisner's composition or any of that boring comic-book artist crap; just make a lot of fucked-up friends. Get out there and amass the craziest, most demented and dangerous friends you can find: friends who can drink seventeen beers at a sitting and still eat five enormous glistening fatty plates of meat for breakfast; friends who are writing rock operas about the War of 1812; friends who call you from Detroit and claim to be negotiating the release of a roomate who's being held hostage by drug dealers; friends who are incontinent. These are the kinds of friends who may break your collarbone with a plastic lightsaber or broadcast your drunken rants on the radio or send you unsolicited sex toys in the mail, but they will also agree to do public battle in superhero costumes or invite you to ride the circus train to Mexico City or ask you to go to Wisconsin to help them recover from their sex change operations. You will never be at a loss for material.