Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 2/20/02

Artist's Statement

I really did draw this on a nonstop flight from Houston, Texas to LaGuardia in New York. Both the guy seated next to me and the stewardess noticed that I was drawing myself blowing open the emergency door, and looked at me. I imagined the stewardess notifying the captain, and the captain notifying the ground, that there was a Potential Risk in seat 15F. Then, inevitably, I imagined other passengers subduing me, knocking me to the floor and pummeling me and sitting on me until we got to New York, while I feebly explain about my recent surgery and the pin in my shoulder and beg them to take it easy on me. I had been subjected to "random" searches at the gates on both flights, so I was a little paranoid. But it seems like you don't have to do too much in airports or airplanes thse days to spend a night in jail. (Remember that guy who ran down the up escalator to get his camera?)

Action Plan  #1, by the way, is what I had decided I would do in case of a hijacking when I flew to France just a few weeks after Sept. 11th. I made many rigorous trial runs in my mind to prepare. Action Plan #2 is what I'm afraid I'm actually likely to do. Action Plan #3 was the inspiration of my hostess in Houston this weekend, who gave me permission to steal it. ("And then the men hit them," she explained. The hijackers, that is.) I strongly urge all female readers to pass the word on this. I know Amy would be the first one up with her shirt off in a crisis. Ladies, unite!