Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 11/07/01

Artist's Statement

Returning here to the more subversive and pessimistic humor with which I am more comfortable. After all, if America's tragedy truly unites us and turns us into a nation of sincere, passionate, unironic patriots, then the terrorists have won.

I don't mean to bring down morale on the the old home front, but the fact is there's not much any of us can "do" in this crisis except watch TV and listen to the radio and say things like "This is fucked up," to each other. Which is about all I'm saying in this cartoon. No offense intended to Muslims in the last panel here, although I have certainly intended plenty to fundamentalist Muslims in other cartoons. The caption in this panel is intended to be ironic; the joke is supposed to be on the pious dimwits who would have us turn to God, apparently forgetting that not everyone's praying to the same suburban Republican God or asking the same things of Him.

Thanks to Allison Smith for helping me brainstorm ideas for this cartoon on a cocktail napkin at Peter's in Fell's Point. And apologies to Sondra Guttman for the hastily drawn, inaccurate, and unflattering carticature of her in "Participate in the Dialogue on Policy." I dashed it off a few hours before I had to hand in the cartoon and board a flight to France.