Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 10/31/01

Artist's Statement

I think most liberals have had to stifle some unpatriotic dissenting throughts the last few weeks--just look at what happened to Bill Maher and Susan Sontag for saying some things that seemed obvious and true. But since the City Paper and its readership tend to be liberal in political outlook I decided to be contrary and provocative and feature the converse dilemma, which I've experienced more than once in the last month, of being surrounded by sensitive liberal types who want to talk about America's culpability and the terrible suffering of the Afghan people and Conflict Resolution while I am secretly out of my mind with rage, inwardly seething with vivid fantasies of Valhallan nuclear vengenace, unleashing little vials of Cold War-era engineered germs that would wipe out the population of Indonesia inside a week.

That said, let is also be noted that the total number of people injured and/or killed by cartoons in this century is still holding at zero, and that this cartoon has not contributed to that total by so many as one. And that, since I firmly believe that all of us in this great demoncracy are totally impotent to influence our government's policies even one iota, it does no harm for me to vent this sort of violent impulse in public. And, finally, that if I were really to be seated in a missile silo with the keys in front of me to turn at my will, I would probably experience a moral qualm or two. In other words, sensitive peace-loving readers, funny drawings do not hurt anyone, and I have nothing but goodwill toward all my fellow men.