Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 08/01/01

Artist's Statement

Special thanks to the irrepressible Michael Lynch and Allison Smith, with whom I came up with the premise (and most of the details) of this week's cartoon at a late-night dinner at Sabatino's in Little Italy Friday night.

Also: a big Fuuuuuck yew to Mr. Benjamen Walker, who sent me a note begging: "Take off the fucking artist's statements for  crissakes--I HATE THEM they are RUINING everything!" Well, Ben, I would tell you the same thing everyone always tells those misdirected busybodoes and dingbats who complain about sex and violence in the media: so don't look at it, then. As it happens, Dave Israel and I just decided last week to conceal the artist's statement a discreet click away from the cartoons, but it's certainly not because of your whining and pestering and insults. I know some artists cherish their harshest critics, but I am not one of them. I want to surround myself with yes-men, toadies, and bootlicks. The rest of you can just shut your yaps."