Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 04/11/01

Artist's Statement

This is a parody of the recent books on "Emotional I.Q." and other newfound "types" of intelligence, which seems to me like a bogus way of handing out some sort of intelligence consolation prize to everybody, no mater how dimwitted they are. (Sort of like how Mom used to give out awards for "most original," "prettiest," "best in the category of seven-to-eight-year-olds," etc. for the chalk drawings on our driveway, so that each kid who'd done one would get some award, even though mine was clearly the best, hands-down. Infuriating bullshit!) Although, as the last panel shows, I don't put much stock in the concept of "intelligence" as measured by I.Q. tests, either. People who are supposedly "intelligent" can be totally lacking in qualities like imagination, humor, and independent or critical thought. Here we se illustrated a variety of useless forms of intelligence.

    Friends whose likenesses I hve hijacked for this cartoon include Caroln Ewald, Dr. Mark Crispin Miller, Jim Fisher and Michael Kirby, and Jesse Fuchs. Non-friends caricatured include Newt Gingrich.