Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 03/21/01

Artist's Statement

All of the fashions depicted in this cartoon (with the exception of the 'Mix and Match') were personally seen by me during my winter's tenure in New York City--yes, including the waxed paper cup strapped over the nose, worn by the worst-smelling man in the world, who sat across the aisle from me on the F train from Brooklyn one day. He smelled like cat sex. Everyone staggered out of the train car at the next stop and lunged, gasping for breath and laughing and looking at each other like "oh, man" at the next stop.

The most fun part of this cartoon for me was writing in airheaded fashion-magazine prose.

This cartoon has since been used by a sort of thrift/fashion magazine called Cheap Date,one of whose editors I ran into at a bar called Siberia one afternoon. "Are you interested in fashion?" she asked me. "No," I admitted. Hopefully they will invite me to one of their issue release parties, which are attended by pretty models.