Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 02/21/01

Artist's Statement (Jim)

Well after drawing these things for four years now I guess I'm a pro. I feel the quality of my work has progressed to the level of outstanding. It's become clear that I have endless talent and Tim is lucky to have me fill in for his one lazy day of the year. I am sure that my vision is going to help propel Tim into the category of illustrator as apposed to just another cartoonist. And frankly, I'm kind of pissed I have not been included in any of his publications and he still has not paid me for this cartoon. I can't really help but think that he is over reaching his budget by spending all his cash on whores, super models and courting young art school students up there in New York City. Remember, Tim is an ass man of the highest order and if you want some ass your gonna have to spend some cash.
History is really important. I can prove it. Lets just say your the kind of guy who does not give shit about anything. But, you have some friends who do. You could steal all of their ideas and make yourself rich and famous. You could then pass this off as you calling these people your muses. This is what all famous artist have done. Monet started out painting sewage drains, he thought it was showing the dirty, rougher side of life. One day he and his friend Arbuckle Standfinch were enjoying beers at a hip Parisian cafe call the La Pied Puanteur, it was sunny day and the light was playing off of a garden near by. Arbuckel spoke up and said "hey Claude if you squint your eyes and look at those flowers they look really beautiful". And so the next day Monet was out there, squinting his eyes and painting away. This is what Tim is doing to all of us. He is squinting his eyes at us and stealing our beauty. And then he is using all of his profits on chasing super models in New York. History has taught Tim a valuable lesson. If you want Super models and pretty little art students, work hard and find yourself some good muses.

* note history info may not be accurate