6 July 2005

[Subject heading: "Empire Lounge"]

Please forward to Mr. Kreider my appreciation of the aforementioned artwork. I am impressed by the detailed clarity of concept in presenting this complicated scenario. The panel has inspired several spirited (i.e. half-crocked) and cathartic discussions. This work represents a beneficial element of pragmatism; the ability to perceive reality in the face of a socio-political nightmare. The mighty fool falls over himself in a desperate effort of protection.




Mr. Kreider wishes it for me to thank you for your pleasant words regarding his work. He regrets that he currently is too much occupied in order to answer your message personally. The life of a realizer of amusing drawings is complicated and unmarried, and the received encouragement of the readers means much.

Pheltia C.-H.

25 July 2005

Dear Ms. Hautpantz,

Saw this http://www.strindbergandhelium.com/index.html and thought of Tim.

Yes, fully aware that the success (artistic success, that is) of other artist's work can depress those who work in a similar vein, but that's just too damn bad, now, isn't it? Anyway, Tim can take it; he is way more prolific and sometimes as funny. So there.

Carla B.

Ms. B.,

It is unfortunately insupportable for Mr. Kreider to learn about the artists more resolute and prestigious than himself, therefore I have protected him from this information. However, I am sure that he would appreciate you for it. Moreover he wishes for me to give you relative personal respect and to say to you that a Will Feldman is recently enquired concerning you.


25 July 2005

Hello, Phelatia. Tell Tim I love him! (I've written to him before, about Jesus in the toilet, an old comic of his.) Last week's [Fear] Tower, and the artist's statement, just made me want to cry. It's all so clear, and disgusting. (The situation in this country...not Tim's work!) Anyway..... pass this thought along... I'm imagining the scene in Network, where the suits are sitting around the conference table, trying to figure out what to do with Howard Beale, nonchalantly coming to the conclusion that they should have him killed. Too bad Democrats don't think the same way. (I posted it in my bigmuscle profile, which links viewers to Tim.)

Talk to you later.



Mr. Kreider has received your love with equanimity and he exchanges in nature. He is of agreement with you that the President would have to be murdered. All our thanks to you for your great tie of the muscle.